Tuesday, June 19, 2012


                  To Do
                To Not Do
Develop a thermodynamic formalism for dealing with two-dimensional phase boundaries.

Develop a departmental policy for dealing with two-academic couples.

Belt out the soundtrack of Rent during the morning commute to campus
Rehearse my lecture notes during the morning commute to campus
Run lots of fun experiments at the synchrotron

Write lots of SOPs for my lab here at the U.
Catch up with dear colleagues at two conferences in beautiful locations.

Catch the words of colleagues during faculty meetings for accurate minutes.
Submit two proposals and three papers. Work on experiments, papers, and abstracts with grad students.

Submit dossier and teaching and research statements. Work on curriculum committee, nominations committee, and sign undergraduate course change requests.
Family vacation on the water, in the woods, in front of the campfire.

Family shlepping to music lessons, band practice, grocery store.

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