Friday, July 27, 2012

Marriage Anniversary Markers

Recently, my husband & I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary. This year's anniversary present (see below) was extra special, since it came in the classic powder blue box.  For a list of the more traditional anniversary markers, go here.

1st            Camping Trip Anniversary
2nd           Basement Flood Anniversary
3rd            Diaper Anniversary
4th            Purple Puddingstone Anniversary
5th            Cross Country Move Annivesary
6th            Serpentinite Anniversary
7th            Maple Syrup Anniversary
8th            Jasper Anniversary
9th            Sushi Anniversary
10th          Handcarved Wooden Bowl Anniversary
11th          Grandma-calls-to-remind-us-it’s-our Anniversary
12th          Marital Counseling Anniversary
13th          I Can’t Believe We’re Still Married! Anniversary
14th          New Job Anniversary
15th          Replaced Lost Car Key Anniversary

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