Saturday, September 29, 2012

Invocations to precede decision-making for hiring scientists

Please grant me the serenity
To squarely face my own biases.
To recognize others’ strengths, even in areas where I lack that strength.
To accept others’ failings in the same way that I strive to accept my own.
To realize that there is more than one way to do good science.
And that my way is not necessarily the only way.
Please grant me the serenity
To recognize accomplishments
And to recognize potential in others.
Even though others might look very very very different from me

Speak out, Hallelujah!
When you hear a wrong, make it right!
When you hear bias, pick the fight!
Equality should not require riot!
But this is not the time for quiet!
Use your logic!
Mind your fears!
Support young colleagues!
And their careers!

Dear Gods of Science
Please forgive me
For I am biased.
It is not on purpose, for I bear no ill will towards any gender.
I might even be a girl (excuse me a woman) myself.
I’m just as biased as any man.
Because my brain is not very scientific.
(Except for when it is consciously trying to be)
For even though I am a scientist
I am human.
And though I serve the Gods of Science whilst I am awake
I am not always awake.

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